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For their entire lives, Amelia and Jon Hughes have shared a mutual love for, and commitment to, advocating for cats…and all animals.  In creating ATELIER MEOW, they have combined Jon's expertise in business strategy and innovative partnerships with Amelia's expertise in fashion, marketing and production, and animal advocacy and protection work.  

Amelia is an ethical vegan and has over 20 years of experience that includes both farm and shelter animal care, progressive program design, community engagement and collaboration initiatives, strategic planning, data driven marketing and animal rescue and cruelty investigation.  She currently serves as an advisor to animal welfare organizations, brands and on projects in the creative arts striving to create a culture and policies that are animal friendly and cruelty-free.

ATELIER MEOW would not exist without beloved cat and Chief Catnip Officer, Wubbikins, an orphaned kitten rescued at three weeks old, and given almost zero chance of survival due to physical and neurological trauma.  In addition to her formal duties, Wubbikins provides daily inspiration and a reminder that all animals deserve kindness.  

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